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Preventing and Managing Disputes

The best kind of dispute management is dispute prevention

Time and energy spent with us early on will save you time, expense and stress in the future. 

Carefully drafted contracts, policies and practices will help you prevent many disputes. However, should one arise, we will actively manage your dispute to protect your interests.

We will walk beside you in any dispute to preserve your business interests.

Our strategic advice and expertise will minimise – as much as possible – the expense and stress of litigation.

Whether you’re already in a dispute or one is starting to emerge, speak with us to learn where you stand and what your options are.  

DC Strategy Lawyers Managing Disputes

Four ways you can minimise the pain of disputes: 

Be deliberate in your business arrangements 

Conducting any business will inevitably lead to the occasional dispute arising with a customer, staff member or business partner. However, if you let us work with you as you develop your business practices, processes and contracts, these parties will find it very difficult to either start or sustain a dispute.   

Don’t wait until a letter arrives from a solicitor

Speak with us as soon as you notice that a dispute is emerging. We’ll advise you on where you stand, and how to best handle things before the dispute escalates. Together with us, you will make informed decisions on a strategy that will protect your interests.

Embrace alternative dispute resolution processes

Court proceedings are both lengthy and expensive. Our lawyers can guide you through less formal and less expensive processes such as mediation, conciliation or arbitration. We can advise on which of these processes is best, given the nature of the dispute. A settlement arising from these processes can still have the same effect as a ruling from the court.

Engage litigators who know your business

As a full service law firm, we will know you and your whole business well. This means that we will manage your dispute actively and assertively, with our mind set firmly on your company’s best interests.

Our team can assist you across all areas of dispute prevention and management, including: 

  • Letters of demand 
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution 
  • Advice on early stages of disputes 
  • Negotiating a settlement outcome

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