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Commercial Contracts

Contracts that give you certainty and work to your advantage.

Contracts are at the core of your business, but are you working them to your greatest advantage? 

Litigation is an expensive way to learn where you stand in your commercial relationships.  

Well-drafted contracts give you certainty of your position in all circumstances.

Provide and purchase goods and services on terms that work for you.  

Let’s work together to ensure that your position is clear and suits your purpose. 

A contract is a formal written agreement.  

A missed detail can be very expensive.

All companies and individuals create and operate under contracts each day – eg. ordering corporate stationery or buying a takeaway coffee. Many contracts are informal, created verbally and are concluded without a hitch.

I can’t influence terms of my contracts.  

In selling your goods and/or services, you can set the terms and conditions under which you provide them, even without a written contract. DC Strategy Lawyers can work with you to draft a confidentiality provision, a liability waiver or other terms and conditions.

I’m stuck with contract terms that no longer suit me. 

Even if a contract is already operational, its terms can still be amended to suit changed circumstances. This can usually only be done with the agreement of all parties. DC Strategy Lawyers can advise you on amendment options and advocate for amendments with your business partners.

Putting a contract in writing is hard. 

Yes, it is more difficult. However, for your more substantial commercial relationships, a detailed written contract provides certainty, reduces risks and formalises arrangements for all possible eventualities.

Our team can assist you across all areas of commercial contracts, including: 

  • Review and advise you on a draft contract received from a business partner.
  • Negotiate terms of a new or an amendment to a contract on your behalf.
  • Advise you on the terms of a contract you have already entered.
  • Draft a standard form contract for you to use as a template for each contract.
  • Drafting terms and conditions, confidentiality agreements, liability waivers or disclaimers, deeds of agreements.
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Business Partnership Agreements

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