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Company Governance

Leading a company comes with great responsibilities.

Many business leaders are experts at their trade but are unaware that there are often strict regulatory requirements – and consequences for not meeting them.  

Day-to-day operations of your business can easily take your attention away from your company structure and the principles and laws of good governance.  With DC Strategy lawyers at your side, you can be confident that your key documents match your reality, that you will meet your regulatory obligations and your management follows best practice.  

Ensure that you are meeting requirements and that your structure enables your business to flourish.

It is critical that those owning, managing and working within your business understand their relative roles, responsibilities and regulatory obligations.

We will work together with you to create and maintain those structures, inform you of your regulatory obligations, and keep your directors, managers and staff up to date with their responsibilities.  

DC Strategy Lawyers Company Governance

Four benefits of following best practice on the governance of your company: 

Everyone knows their roles, rights and responsibilities 

Constitutions, ownership and shareholder agreements set out the interests of and relationships between different parties (e.g. shareholders, boards, management, staff).  When well-structured and considered, these documents support the operation and growth of your business.  If done poorly, these documents can hold you back and give rise to disputes. 

Directors are meeting their responsibilities 

Directors’ duties are complex but very important to get right. The Directors are required to set up appropriate structures and procedures to manage risks, review management and create strategies for the future.  

Regulatory Obligations are met 

We can help you establish processes to ensure that you know when you need to report what information to which government agency.   This will vary according to your type of business, but failure to report correctly can have significant consequences for your business. 

Your company’s meetings run well

Your company’s founding document and regulations will specify the manner in which your formal meetings, such as an Annual General Meeting, are to be held, including which matters must be discussed, how proxies are to work etc.  

Our team can assist you across all areas of governance law and best practice, including: 

  • Directors’ Duties 
  • Regulatory reporting responsibilities 
  • Constitutions / Articles of Association 
  • Shareholder Agreements 
  • Employee Share Schemes 
  • Holding company meetings


We also proudly support our clients on Corporate Law and Company Structures. This similar area covers matters of the evolution of your company – including a merger or acquisition, the departure of a co-founder, an initial public offering, financing, or company re-structuring. If this is of interest, please visit our Corporate Law and Company Structures page. 

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