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Intellectual Property

Protect your brand, content, trade marks and patents

Your brand may be your most valuable asset and if protected, your Intellectual Property (IP) can help you stand out from the crowd. 

We can help you establish your brand and formulate a strategy to protect and exploit your intellectual property portfolio.

Protect, exploit, and defend your intellectual property with holistic legal advice tailored to your business goals.

Let us help you identify the best way to protect and make the most of your intellectual property.

Whatever stage your business is at, we’ll help commercialise your intellectual property so that you take full advantage of it. 

DC Strategy Lawyers Intellectual Property

7 benefits of managing your intellectual property portfolio:

Know your portfolio 

Identifying the intellectual property your business owns will help you take the right steps to protect those assets and ensure that you unlock your portfolio’s potential to maximise your profits. 

Protect the intellectual property you own

Registration of intellectual property rights is one of the most effective ways of protecting these assets. We can advise you on which rights you can register and support you in completing and maintaining your registrations.

Secure your intellectual property from imitators 

Using state-of-the-art technology, we can actively monitor trade mark applications made by others so that you, with our assistance, can take steps to prevent them from registering trade marks which are similar (or worse, identical) to yours. 

Create a new revenue stream

Offering your intellectual property assets to other organisations and companies through a licensing agreement is a great way to generate additional revenue. 

Make the most of others’ intellectual property

Identifying where you can lawfully tap into the existing intellectual property of others will save you time and money – meaning you can focus on developing the content which is unique to you.  

Clear and concise intellectual property agreements 

Ensuring you have clear, concise and robust intellectual property agreements in place will protect what you own, reduce risks and ensure that you have permission to use others’ intellectual property in the way you intend. 

Managing disputes effectively and efficiently 

Early, efficient and effective management of intellectual property disputes will help save stress, time and money. If a dispute arises, we will advise you on all available options to secure the best possible outcomes for you.

Our team can assist you across all areas of intellectual property law, including:

  • Trade marks – applications, protection and management 
  • Patents – applications, protection and management 
  • Copyright – applications, protection and management 
  • Commercialising your intellectual property 
  • Design rights 
  • Intellectual property audits 
  • Intellectual property strategy 

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