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Company Structuring

Strong foundations for your company avoid cracks in the future.

As your business expands, contracts, merges with or purchases another, you need transaction documents that protect your position and give effect to your intentions.   

We also advise on new government reporting obligations and other areas of law (e.g. employment, IP etc.) that must be considered in corporate transactions. 

Company structure, including how your business is owned, is important to get right.

To secure its future, your company should be built like a fortress not a house of cards.

Through corporate transactions we will protect your position, set you up for your next phase and ensure you comply with regulations. 

DC Strategy Lawyers Company Structure

When your company is changing shape, what do you need to consider? 

A suitable company structure 

We will advise on which business structure not only suits your current situation but will also allow for your development plans.  

If you’re starting out, we can assist in setting up and registering the company and drafting your Constitution. 

Document your arrangements

We are highly skilled at drafting the ideal agreements, contracts and deeds to secure your company’s interests when going through a merger, acquisition, sell-off, public float or other major change.   

Regulatory compliance

Each time your structure changes, your regulatory reporting arrangements will also change. We will ensure that you comply with all requirements, whether you’re going through corporate change or simply undertaking business as usual.  

Which ownership arrangement works best?  

There are many different options for ownership structures – we can help you launch an Initial Public Offering (often known as an IPO), prepare partnership agreements, create employee share schemes, and undergo capital raising or reduction schemes.  

Implications for other areas of law 

Corporate change may also affect other aspects of your business in ways that you don’t expect – your employment arrangements, your property ownership, intellectual property rights etc. Our role is to bring these to your attention and advise you on solutions. 

Our team can assist you across all areas of corporate structuring, including: 


We also proudly support our clients on Corporate Governance law and best practice. This similar area covers Constitutions, shareholder agreements, holding of company meetings, directors’ duties and regulatory reporting. If this is of interest, please visit our Corporate Governance (LINK) page.  

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