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Commercial Property

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of commercial property.

Whether you lease or own your company’s property, it will be one of the biggest financial commitments your company will make.  

We can work with you to ensure that your property transactions run smoothly, with your best interests at the centre.   

Your focus is on your business – so engage us to focus on the detail of your property matters.

The consequences for missing an important detail can be not only damaging but long-lasting. 
DC Strategy Lawyers Commercial Property

Five critical considerations for your commercial property portfolio: 

A missed detail can be very expensive.

Without being careful, or if you don’t know how property matters work, you can easily end up in trouble. We will liaise closely with you to ensure that your intentions are given full effect and that you avoid nasty surprises.  

Commercial and retail leases are not like residential leases.

For example, in commercial and retail leases, tenants often have fewer rights.  And, to the inexperienced eye, the initial Heads of Agreement / Letter of Offer process can seem much less formal than it is.

Consider alternatives to secure your business interests.

If you’re leasing a property which is bigger than you currently need, consider a sublease to generate income from that spare space. Alternatively, a property licence agreement can offer flexibility and ease while still providing formality to property arrangements.

Don’t feel stuck with cumbersome lease terms! 

As with any contract, we can negotiate an amendment to any burdensome lease or sub-lease term which no longer serves your business interests.

You can assign your lease or sublease rights and obligations. 

Allowing for times of change, there is an option in most lease, sub-lease and sale contracts allowing you to assign your rights and obligations in that contract to a third party.

Our team can assist you across all areas of Commercial Property, including: 

  • Sale and purchase agreements 
  • Lease and sublease agreements for both commercial and retail leases 
  • Review and advice on Heads of Agreement and Letters of Offer 
  • Property Licence Agreements 
  • Due diligence checks 
  • Assignments of Rights and Obligations under property contracts 

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