Franchise Sales Process

We will take you through every step of the franchise recruitment process, ensuring you are fully informed at all stages. By working collaboratively, we will find the perfect franchisee to match your business.

Attracting and recruiting the right franchisees to join your network is a critical point between the development and execution phases of your growth. This is the case whether you are an emerging brand opening green-field sites, or an established system looking to drive and consolidate your network. The people who are recruited to join your business must share your vision and be committed to growing it with you. The franchisee recruitment process should consider relationships that will be formed and strengthened for the long-term. The goal from the outset is to recruit and sell a franchise to a viable, capable business partner who you can see yourself still working with well in six months’ time. You will need to work towards finding brilliant like-minded franchisees who will add value to your franchise system for many years to come.

Our skilled recruitment team can assist with the screening and selection of franchise sales, as well as the granting and sale of green-field locations. We are experts in building brands, and are committed to finding the right franchisees to achieve this. We specialise in developing lead generation strategies, managing and training in CRM systems, and qualifying the highest quality candidates for your network. We view your franchise opportunity not as a business to be sold, but as an amazing opportunity to be granted to worthy candidates. Qualifying potential recruits in this context considers financial capacity, skills and experience, psychological profile and cultural/brand fit. Our dedicated recruitment team will locate the perfect franchisees to match your business. A thorough process of 5 – 6 meetings allows us to screen quality candidates for a franchise grant.

Franchise Recruitment Services

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