Consulting Experts

Building a Blueprint for Profitable & Sustainable Success

With our consulting experts, everything we do falls broadly into two categories:

Franchise Development

Every business is different. Our consulting experts will tailor each franchise program to suit your needs. We work closely together to determine your expansion objectives, value proposition and market opportunity. We know exactly what it takes to grow a business. Often clients come to us with a single location, and we help grow into an international brand.

DCS Strategy

Business Transformation

Whilst franchising is a relatively simple concept, it is enormously complex both to develop and to execute. Professional advice using a multi-disciplinary, systems approach will support you through the business transformation process providing immediate uplift to your current operation as it transitions to a profitable franchise network.

DCS Transform

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We use a selection of our broad skillset and expertise in order to deliver the best possible outcome for your business.


All successful businesses today are defined by how strategy informs and drives the commercial, operational, legal, technology, brand, marketing and recruitment requirements. Developing a sustainable franchise network requires a multi-disciplinary, systems approach to deliver those requirements.


Implementing new technology can be daunting, that’s why we help you through the entire implementation process and provide training for you, your staff and help you design training strategies for all new franchisees and for the new staff on-boarding. Since technology will be an important part of your future franchise, it’s important to get it right.

Financial Analysis

The successful franchise is a mutually interdependent relationship founded on a value proposition that recognises the basic interconnectedness of the franchisor and the franchisee in building enterprise value for both. Financial analysis determines the perfect commercial balance in that relationship.


The implementation of every component of your franchise program as it is developed provides the step-by-step business transformation from your current operation to a franchise network. This is about ‘doing’ – practical, hands-on work, support and training with you and your team. Our team is there as you roll out your first franchises.

International Expansion

Australian franchisors are often approached by international entrepreneurs looking for the next hot concept to launch in their region. The inverse is also often true. In either case, you need a well-devised strategy, a well-resourced capability and a clear understanding of how to achieve a profitable outcome before proceeding.


Your induction, training, operational systems and ongoing support are major reasons franchisees will consider joining your franchise network. The perceived value of these in mitigating their risk of going into business is determined by how you develop, present and deliver them.

Investment & Exit Strategy

The best time to consider an exit strategy is when you are developing your business. Our multi-disciplinary team develop your investment and exit strategy, prepare the necessary commercial and legal documentation and support you throughout the investor engagement process.

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