Business & Commercial Law

DC Strategy Lawyers tailors services to your needs. Our team is well equipped to handle any issue that might arise on your commercial journey, be it: Franchise matters for both franchisees and franchisors, Business and Commercial, Trade Marks, Intellectual Property and Commercial Property & Estate matters.

You have our full individual attention and focus that you deserve, no matter how large or small the matter.

Business & Commercial

We understand the business challenges you face, both from a legal and a commercial perspective.

Our commercial insight, gained from our years of experience advising new start-ups and established businesses, means that we give you the level of legal advice that you need.

We can advise and assist with:

Partnership Agreements

Joint Venture Agreements

Shareholders Agreements

Buying and selling businesses

Structuring and adapting current business registration, incorporation, and taxation implications

Liquor licensing and/or applications transfers

Due diligence

Dispute Resolution & Commercial Litigation

During your business’ life cycle, there may come a time when you need to resolve a dispute, be it with a creditor, debtor or someone completely unexpected.

Dispute resolution, and the possible litigation that follows, can be a long and complex process.

DC Strategy Lawyers will advise you throughout the dispute resolution and litigation process.

We will support you every step of the way to help you achieve the optimal outcome for your business.

Advice and assistance in claims, both in and out of Court, in regard to commercial law, consumer protection, intellectual property, franchising, disputed estates and insolvency

Domain name disputes

Take down notices to all social media platforms

Negotiation and assistance in the settlement of disputes